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Questions Joey Gets Often

What is CBD?

CBD stands that for (Cannabidiol). CBD is one of the 150+ naturally occurring phytocannabinoids found in certain strains of hemp and in all cannabis plant strains. It is legal in many places and has been used in the management and treatment of chronic pain, anxiety, anxiety disorder, depression, and in conjunction with allopathic approaches to diseases including radiation therapy.

How do you acquire CBD in the US?
There are only three methods to legally acquire CBD in the US, they are through: import, a medical program, or a domestic hemp program. The most beneficial way to acquire CBD in the U.S. is from a legal hemp program in a state that is fully compliant with Federal Farm Bill section 7606. The State of Kentucky has the best legislative and regulatory pathway to empower hemp programs to grow, cultivate, process, and market hemp and hemp-derived CBD. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) clearly articulates that the hemp flower is to be processed as an agricultural commodity, in other words, as food.
How do I take CBD Oil?
CBD Oil tincture should be administered sublingually. Simply raise the tongue and squeeze the dropper underneath the tongue. Sublingual administration allows the body to absorb CBD through the mucous membranes and into the bloodstream as opposed to oral ingestion which risks degrading the product through gastrointestinal tract lowering the milligram absorption rate. This method of ingestion is not uncommon as many pharmaceuticals are administered sublingually to maximize the benefit of medicine without potential harm to the liver and other gastrointestinal organs.
Is CBD marijuana?
All CBD oil sold by Joey Hemp is derived only from hemp, not marijuana. Unless it is extracted and removed there can be traces of THC in CBD. With our products, you have the option to purchase THC or THC free products. THC free means 100% FREE. All THC components of THC are extracted using C02 extraction.
Is CBD legal?
Hemp Derived CBD is legal in 50 states across the US. The legal amount of THC allowed by law in CBD product is .3% or less.
How do I use CBD Oil?
CBD oil sold by Joey Hemp is a sublingual that is put under the tongue and held for 30-60 for best absorption. It can also be applied directly to the skin for psoriasis and other skin conditions to help in alleviating discomfort.
How much CBD Oil do I use?
If you have never used CBD oil before it is best to start out at lower mg and dose. We suggest starting with 500mg and using .25 – .50 servings (labeled on the dropper) for the first couple of uses. After taking the oil orally for a few days you may use a full serving if you feel you are able to tolerate the taste and dosage well. Over time you may need to increase your mg or dosage. If you have digestive discomfort we suggest using the lowest dosage for the first few days until your digestive system has adjusted to the CBD.
How long does it take for CBD to start working?
There are many factors to consider when using CBD oil. What are using CBD oil for? How long have you suffered with these symptoms? How severe are they? Are you taking other medications? All of these are things that need to be considered when starting CBD oil. CBD can work begin working within 20-30 minutes; however, if you are dealing with chronic pain or long term conditions it could take up to a week for CBD to attach to the receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system. Once this happens you should start feeling relief.If you are dealing with chronic pain or long term conditions you should consider gradually working your way to the highest mg for best results and economical purposes.
Should I use Full Spectrum or Isolate?
There are many things that factor into this decision. Are you at risk for drug testing? Yes. Full Spectrum is NOT the formulation that you want to choose. Although there are only trace amounts of THC, continued use over time can result in a positive drug screen. Do you suffer with high anxiety or bipolar disorder? Yes. Contrary to popular belief, THC can increase anxiety in individuals that are sensitive to THC. It has also been known to cause mania in some bipolar patients. It is highly recommend that you consult with your physician on these issues before taking CBD with THC, especially if it is your first time.
What does Full Spectrum mean?
Full Spectrum means that the CBD contains other cannabinoids found in the marijuana or hemp plant such as CBN, CBG and THCV, to name a few. It also contains a trace amount of THC, but in very low concentrations. Cannaroo sold by Joey Hemp is less than .3% resulting in little or no psychoactive stimulation.
What does Isolate mean?
CBD Isolate is purified CBD extracted by CO2 method. Any trace of THC or cannabinoids that are found in the marijuana or hemp plant have been extracted from the CBD.
Is Full Spectrum better than the Isolate formula?
Some studies show that some individuals can benefit more with a combination of THC and CBD. However; as previously stated, if you are risk of being tested by an employer or pain management company it is against our advice to take our Full Spectrum CBD. According to a study by Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem, when comparing the two, the group that took Full Spectrum did report higher levels of relief than the isolate. This study does not provide what symptoms these groups had, only that they reported higher levels of relief. However, this does not discredit the effectiveness of the CBD Isolate.
Why the confusion?
Like other plants that offer health benefits and harmful benefits, the general perception of cannabis is that it is confined to the marijuana plant. Hemp is from the same cannabis plant strain, and looks very similar, but it is low in THC.
What is the difference between hemp and marijuana?
Hemp and marijuana are the within the same plant species as cannabis, but the chemical composition is very different – making them different plants altogether. Hemp strains have been hereditarily grown with less than 0.3% THC from seed to shelf. Our hemp strains have been grown in coordination with hemp research facilities participating in government programs and experienced growers with decades and generations of experience. Our plants are organically grown, non-gmo, pesticide free, and chemical free.