Bath Bomb – Floral Scents (Isolate)

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Bath Bomb – Floral Scents

Drop the CBD infused bath fizzer in your tub before hopping in to set the mood with a romantic scent. The CBD oils soak away worries by engaging the healing powers of nature, while the aroma carries senses adrift to a state of bliss. A terrific choice for relaxing and unwinding following a strenuous, stressful or super busy day. The fragrance lingers long after you’ve rinsed off, leaving the skin scented with the mouthwatering succulence of a light floral scent. 

Using a CBD bath bomb couldn’t be easier: Fill up the tub, hop in, drop a CBD bath bomb into the water, and relish your new life. Feel your body and soul transition into total bliss.  

Features and Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs:

  • Made in the USA
  • Cruelty-Free
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No preservatives

When using a CBD Bath Bomb, remember to employ caution when stepping in and out of the tub; tubs can be slippery. If you’re pregnant make sure and consult with a physician before use. Also, immediately stop use if an allergic reaction occurs. Keep away from children.

Ingredients: hemp isolate 25mg, sodium bicarbonate, epson, salt, citric acid, essential oils, corn starch, colors.


5 reviews for Bath Bomb – Floral Scents (Isolate)

  1. Alice

    A beautiful way to start any dayusing this bath bomb always makes me feel rejuvenated.

  2. Christine

    This creates the ultimate relaxation! And if you struggle to fall asleep the almond and coconut bomb can really soothe you into dream land.

  3. Holly

    Amazing CBD product my other half bought this for me recently as i’ve been going through a ‘bad patch’ and i feel much happier when i leave the bath.

  4. Lillian

    Its been so easy replacing these bath bombs with my regular ones they smell just as good but its makes me feel much more relaxed and at ease.

  5. Nicky

    This is my idea of a perfect night in! Bubble bath at the ready with my CBD bath bomb.

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